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About Biorevolution

Biorevolution’s main goal is to provide excellent service and technical assistance to clients and to build solid business relationships. Our products do not only benefit you and your business, but the environment as well. All our products are natural and organic, non-toxic, environment friendly, marine safe and 100% biodegradable. We have developed specific skills and experience to meet the growing needs and appetite of the crop care market. The Bio Consulting (PTY) Ltd’s team of professionals are ready to serve large commercial operations as well as small scale business with equal care and consideration.

No assignment is too large or too small for us.


“We will revolutionize the total industry,  from seed to plate,  by being the market leader in providing holistic,  non-chemical and unique processing solutions.”


“To build the business block-by-block by focusing on one sector at a time; starting with the agricultural industry, followed by the food, cleaning and sanitizing industries.”
“To continue to stay one step ahead of the game by researching the products in depth with trials, applications and formulations.”
“To provide excellent service and technical assistance to clients and to build solid business relationships.”


  • Focus on operating excellence
  • Act with speed and efficiency
  • Communicate openly
  • Collaborate across all departments, stakeholders and clients in the company

Our Team

The Best of Professionals

Pieter van der Westhuizen

Pieter van der Westhuizen

Managing Director

Pieter is the founder and driving force behind BioRevolution. He has remarkable technical knowledge about CropBioLife and travels broadly to train farmers and sales representatives about the make-up,  benefits and uses of the products.
Pieter’s wife,  Marina, also plays an active part in the business administration.

Leon Verwey

Leon Verwey

Operational Manager

Operational & Financial Manager with more than eighteen years of business experience, including 8 years in an owner/ management position serving the agricultural industry loacally and abroad.

  • Extensive experience in the field of quality management with one of the most prominent citrus producer/exporters in South Africa.
  • Financial Management – FHBC Auditors (Outsourced)
  • Contractual use of FHBC, Auditing Firm.
  • Bookkeeping & Financial consulting services.
  • Human Resources
  • Specialist Management and HR consultant

Dr. Nico Hanekom

Dr. Nico Hanekom

Independent Researcher

Since 2008, Dr Nico Hanekom (independent researcher – Pro Africa Cropcare) did extensive research on CropBioLife in an extremely broad field of crops. Evidence has been gathered that proves CropBioLife has a revolutionary effect on fruit quality and plant health when applied in a pre-harvest program.

Wynand Saaiman

Wynand Saaiman

Plant Pathologist

Qualified plant pathologist with intensive CBL involvement over the last 3 years. His Qualifications Include:

  • AVCASA Crop Protection
  • Plant Fertigation Intermediate Course
  • Plant Fertigation and Plant Nutrition
  • BSc Agriculture
  • BSc Agriculture (Honours)

Badir Hadj-Aissa




  • Badir has been involved with Biorevolution since 2010.
  • He is the driving force for targeting and opening new markets and responsible for UK, Italy, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt.
  • He is responsible for overseeing: trials, registrations, marketing, & sales in the UK, Italy, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt.

Theron van der Westhuizen

Theron van der Westhuizen

Manager – Manufacturing and Quality Control.


Basjan Walters

Basjan Walters

Research Assistant


All our products are natural and organic, non-toxic, environment friendly, marine safe and 100% biodegradable.

- Biorevolution -


Providing Natural and Organic Products to the Agricultural, Food Production, Veterinary, Cleaning, Cosmetic and Sanitizing Industries.

Agriculture - CropBioLife

CropBioLife is a completely natural foliar flavonoid application. The product consists of organic carbon and minerals derived from fruit and vegetable extracts combined with fruit acids, which is food grade materials only and is non-toxic and also naturally non-corrosive. It helps strengthen the plant’s normal rigid state and is designed to be used, either alone, or with foliar nutrients. CropBioLife is both organic certified and approved by Act 36, South Africa.

Household - Organic Fresh

Welcome to this new exciting household range which is not only top quality, but also cost effective. Organic Fresh is 100% natural, organic alternatives to toxic chemicals used in homes on a regular base. All the products are hypo-allergenic, non-corrosive and safe to use on and around your food, family, staff and pets.

Cosmetic - Pureganic

Pureganic1104 is a new generation antibacterial sanitizer/ disinfectant. It is a 100% natural, organic biocide formulated from botanical sourced substances. Every ingredient is listed on FDA’s GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) list.

Rated up to the strength of a hospital grade disinfectant, it stands alone as a safe and non toxic yet powerful germ killer for a world where sustainability is a key to the future.

Cosmetic - Nakd

NAKD Product Profile coming soon.

  • Pieter van der Westhuizen
    Managing Director

    Mobile · +27 82 373 8502 Phone · +27 21 872 0091 Fax · 0865 900 754 Email · Skype · pieter.van.der.westhuizen.57

  • Marina van der Westhuizen
    Head of Administration

    Mobile · +27 82 462 2893 Phone · +27 21 863 4888 Fax · 0865 900 754 Email ·

  • Dr. Nico Hanekom

    Mobile · +27 71 3606903 Email ·

  • Wynand Saaiman
    Plant Pathologist

    Mobile · +27 81 285 0665 Email ·

  • Leon Verwey
    Operational Manager

    Mobile · +27 74 1011 966 Phone · +27 21 863 4888 Email ·

  • Mr. B Hadj-Aissa
    Operations Director UK & Mediterranean region

    Mobile (UK) · +44 771 7217507 Mobile (Algeria) · +213 669 328519 Email ·


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Providing Natural and Organic Products to the Agricultural, Food Production, Veterinary, Cleaning and Sanitizing Industries.

- BioRevoluion -